Gintrigue Barrel-Finished Gin, Series 19

Gintrigue Barrel-Finished Gin, Series 19

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A 95-point gold medal winner!   This is our light juniper style gin aged a full 31-months in oak barrels which held bourbon (4 years) and French Maretel cognac (7 years). Sweet juniper on the nose followed by complex bourbon, cognac and botanicals in the mid-palate with a return to sweet and earthy juniper on the finish. Perfect as a sipping gin, as a mule or as an Old Fashioned. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia (cinnamon), orris root and more. We call this "Gintrigue," because of the gintriguing and ginspirational flavors!

3 Gold Medals, from PR%F in Las Vegas, Asia International in Hong Kong and the invitation-only "Fifty Best" in New York City!


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