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Our Spirits

  • Heart of The Blues Rye Whiskey

    Heart of The Blues Rye Whiskey

    Heart of The Blues 100-proof, 100% Rye whiskey developed in collaboration with Roger and Michael Fisher - founding members of the famous rock band Heart -  captures the rich musical history of the Mississippi Delta in a tasty full bodied whiskey!  Features notes of ginger and sweetness on the nose, with ground black pepper, cardamom, brown sugar, close, toasted raisins in the middle, and a satisfying lingering toffee finish.  Serve over ice or drink neat.  Makes a wonderful O


  • Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky

    Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky

    97-point double-gold medal award winning 88-proof Canadian whisky, made to a bourbon recipe for us then aged 3 years in charred oak barrels.   Overall, this whisky has 6 gold medals and was named Canadian Whisky of the Year at a competition in Hong Kong in 2020.

    Opens with caramel and vanilla flavors, then moves to light chocolate notes, with a persistent honey finish. Gold medals from California Distillers and John Barleycorn competitions; silver medals from American Distilling Institute and Denver Int'l Spirits competitions. Excellent served neat, over ice or as an Old Fashioned. The "Galloping Goose" is inspired by a former rail line and current bike path on Vancouver Island, BC.


  • Galloping Goose Whisky - 750ml Bourbon & Cognac Barrel Finished

    Galloping Goose Whisky - 750ml Bourbon & Cognac Barrel Finished

    Gold-medal whisky aged an additional 12 months in ex-bourbon and ex-cognac barrels, with a complex flavor profile comprising caramel, vanilla, baked stone fruit, dark chocolate, raisins and baking spices. Nice honey finish.


  • Inner Harbour Scotch Whisky

    Inner Harbour Scotch Whisky

    Inner Harbour Blended Scotch whisky presents with a pleasant aroma to start, with an initial sweetness and a silky mouthfeel, then pear, butterscotch and salted-caramel follow in the middle, leading to a lingering light smokey peat finish.  Great served neat or over ice. Distilled in Scotland, this includes both malted barley and grain, cut to bottling strength pure water from the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  If you like Higland and Speyside whiskies, this is for you.    Featured recently at Whiskies of the World event at the Rainier Club in downtown Seattle.


  • Cadboro Chocolate Flavored Whisky

    Cadboro Chocolate Flavored Whisky

    Cadoro is back in stock!  Shipping to WA, AK and DC starting 15 March 2022!

    For this 94-point gold medal award winning whisky (PR%F Las Vegas)  we have infused organic cacao from Ecuador into our Galloping Goose Canadian whisky (itself 97-points!), which presents a a lingering chocolate note in the mid palate. Not a liqueur, still a whisky, and makes a superb Old Fashioned.   Winner also of Silver Medal (John Barleycorn competition) and  Bronze Medal (Distilled San Diego). "The Cadboro" was a Hudson's Bay trading schooner, which sailed between Seattle, Fort Nisqually and Victoria, Vancouver and other points in BC.

    Serve neat or over ice. 


  • Lochside Summer Gin No. 5

    Lochside Summer Gin No. 5

    This is our "gateway gin," that brings whiskey people to the gin world!   Rated "1 of the top 12 gins in the USA" by Wine Enthusiast, with multiple gold medals (Fifty Best Competition in NYC and Sunset Magazine International!)   Features organic kumquat, mandarin and tangerine zest along with orange blossom notes.  More gold- and silver-medals from the U.S. Open Spirits Competition, Bartender Spirits Awards and American Distilling Institute.  This makes a superb mule with ginger ale and lime, but is at heart a great sipping gin over ice. Our "Lochside Summer Gin No. 5" shows our love of summer events with family and friends!


  • Gintrigue Barrel-Finished Gin, Series 19

    Gintrigue Barrel-Finished Gin, Series 19

    A 95-point gold medal winner!   This is our light juniper style gin aged a full 31-months in oak barrels which held bourbon (4 years) and French Maretel cognac (7 years). Sweet juniper on the nose followed by complex bourbon, cognac and botanicals in the mid-palate with a return to sweet and earthy juniper on the finish. Perfect as a sipping gin, as a mule or as an Old Fashioned. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia (cinnamon), orris root and more. We call this "Gintrigue," because of the gintriguing and ginspirational flavors!

    3 Gold Medals, from PR%F in Las Vegas, Asia International in Hong Kong and the invitation-only "Fifty Best" in New York City!


  • Navy Strength Gin

    Navy Strength Gin

    Our double-gold medal Navy Strength Gin features juniper and citrus on the nose, with elderflower, vanilla and lemon in the middle, with a sweet and earthy finish from orris root and cassia (a cinnamon).  Bottled at 114-proof (57% alc/vol) so if you spill your gin on your gun powder aboard your navy ship, you're still good to go!  Tons of flavor in this navy gin, far more than just a punch up of juniper, this will be your favorite for a gin and tonic or sipping gin served over ice.

    Rated as "dangerously smooth," by the John Barleycorn Competition!

    Our label features mermaids and sirens, to show who rules the sea, and as a nod to Homer and the Odyssey!


  • Seattle Dry Gin

    Seattle Dry Gin

    Our latest release in late February 2023!  Our dry gin style - featuring coriander, orange zest, cassia (a cinnamon) and more - this is a perfect Dinner Gin!  Sip on the rocks as a cocktail, or enjoy with a meal.  Pairs well with roast lamb, pork, bbq and grilled meats.   The name "Seattle Dry" and the dancing silhouette holding an umbrella is our joking reference to the rain we enjoy in the greater Seattle area each year!  Cheers!


  • Berry & Ube Gin

    Berry & Ube Gin

    A 90-point gold medal winner at the San Diego Critics Challenge - ahead of the British gins!  This is the only gin in the world to highlight ube - a Pacific Island "sweet potato" that tastes like vanilla and pistachio!   Sweet and berry notes to start, with a festival of berries:  British blueberries, Canadian saskatoons, Minnesota June berries, black currants and wild-harvested Oregon grape from Washington State!  You'll see the ube on the finish.  Perfect as an amythest gem like martini (no vermouth!), over ice, or serve with a splash of blueberry or blackberry syrup and blackberry Bubly!


  • Strait Up Killer Vodka

    Strait Up Killer Vodka

    This is our East European-method vodka, developed after reading East European vodka-making patents over six months, and conferring with a high-end producer of super premium vodkas.  We now use their methods of production for a high-end super smooth vodka.  Killer Vodka is neutral on the nose (doesn't "smell like vodka"), is clean in the middle with no burn at the end.  Our most frequent comments are, "Wow, this is dangerous!" and "Your vodka is too smooth!"   Distilled to 192 proof, comprised of corn and wheat for a natural hint of sweetness throughout and a silky mouthfeel. 

    92-point award winner.  Gold Medal from John Barleycorn competition.

    Product of USA.


  • Finocchietto


    Our double-gold award-winning 80-proof Italian recipe Finocchietto boasts notes of anise, fennel and almond flavors, and reminds of us a "biscotti in a glass!"  Enjoy this neat or over ice, and enjoy with friends and family during lunch or dinner, or as an after-dinner drink.  Pairs well with pork, lamb, pasta dishes and seafood, or enjoy as an after dinner digestif

    Take a sip, close your eyes and you'll see yourself in the southern Mediterranean! 



  • RAFT Cranberry Five Spice Syrup

    RAFT Cranberry Five Spice Syrup

    RAFT Cranberry Five Spice is a tart, sweet, perfectly spiced syrup that tastes like the holidays. Bright cranberry is complimented with fresh ginger, star anise, cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves. We use it for a Cranberry Old Fashioned whisky drink!


  • RAFT Demerara Syrup

    RAFT Demerara Syrup

    Made with demerara sugar and filtered water, the raw sugar gives a caramel and rum-like note to your old fashioned. High sugar content allows us to avoid preservatives and for you to use less. Pairs well with Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky, Cadboro Chocolate Flavored Whisky and Gintrigue Gin! Each 250 ml (8.4 oz) bottle contains approximately 16 servings.


  • RAFT Orange Bitters

    RAFT Orange Bitters

    A classic bitters flavor that adds brightness to an Old Fashioned or Manhattan made with Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky or Cadboro Chocolate Flavored Whisky. With a touch of Earl Grey Tea for a lightly floral note, RAFT Orange bitters also pairs well with summer spritzers and with our Summer Gin No. 5, served over ice as a brilliant sipping gin.


  • RAFT Smoked Tea Vanilla Syrup

    RAFT Smoked Tea Vanilla Syrup

    RAFT Smoked Tea Vanilla syrup is frankly amazing, as the wood-smoked black tea (Lapsang Souchong) and creamy vanilla notes combine with your whisky to add a pleasant smokey, almost peaty note. Use this with Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky or Cadboro Chocolate Flavored Whisky for a new addictive and elevated Old Fashioned cocktail. We recommend 1 tablespoon per cocktail, or adjust to taste. Each 250 ml (8.4 oz) bottle contains approximately 16 servings.


  • RAFT Lemon Ginger Syrup

    RAFT Lemon Ginger Syrup

    RAFT Lemon Ginger is a classic flavor combo that delights. Mostly lemon with soft notes of ginger, this syrup is extremely versatile and pairs well with our whiskies and gins Try 1 tablespoon per 4-5 oz cocktail or 6-8 oz of soda water. Each 250 ml (8.4 oz) bottle contains approximately 16 servings. Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Water, Organic Ginger. Always made with real juice, real botanicals, and organic cane sugar. Vegan. May contain naturally-occurring pectin, shake well. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Best used within 2 months after opening. Ideal to make a whisky ginger with any of our 3 whiskies, or a gin mule with our Lochside Summer Gin No. 5